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Adriana Ciochina

When Adriana discovered Pranic Healing at a yoga festival, she knew she was lead to her Soul’s calling. Adriana is passionate about restoring balance, vitality and inner peace within her clients lives, as a professional pranic healer and nurse, while guiding them to self awareness and self love. She also loves leading online meditation sessions and yin yoga classes, in her own soft soothing energy. Her sessions are a good match for those struggling with chronic dis-ease, and looking to enhance their quality of life.

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Adrienne Reyes

The mother and daughter duo of Sacred House LA are gifted in Pranic Healing, which they use to aid their clients in their healing journey. Adrienne, who is the creative director, website master, graphic designer, and healer, has a wide range of specialties. She is particularly skilled in healing animals and communication through Akashic Records. Adrienne is also in the process of becoming a certified clutter clearing coach to help heal homes and offices. Furthermore she specializes in assisting individuals on their weight loss journey.

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Alicia Martin

Alicia Martin has a steady practice as a Certified Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yoga sisnce 2009. She uses a holistic integrative approach combining Pranic Healing, Positive Psychology, Brave Thinking Institute Techniques and Transformational Coaching to accelerate results regarding emotional and relationship uncomfortable situations to restore and balance all aspects of the self as a whole. On one hand, she treats the energetic anatomy of the individual according to MCKS’s Pranic Healing to clear, heal and balace physical, emotional and mental blockages. On the other, she implements successfu cognitive techniques to manage emotions, old programs and behaviors resulting in clarity, empowerment, self autonomy, and oveall well-being. Her mission is to facilitate the creation of a healthy, balanced, harmonious, confident relationship with self and others.

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Amy Williams

Amy Williams is an international author and the Founder of Parenting Through Prana. She combines Pranic Healing, neuroscience, and heart-centered guidance to help parents and adult children become an energy-ally for their families. She began as an MCKS Pranic Healer in 2011 and now lives an Arhatic Yoga lifestyle. Amy has a background in Waldorf education and homeschooling. She loves helping her clients know themselves more deeply and embrace loving life.

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Bill Hencke

Bill completed a rewarding career as a Firefighter-Paramedic in Orange County, CA, and retired after 27 years to pursue his passion in Pranic Healing. He is a Certified Pranic Psychotherapist with over 20 years of Pranic Healing experience. With his experience in emergency service, Bill aims to serve the physical, emotional, and psychological healing needs of First Responders in Fire, Law, and EMS, as well as active-duty and veteran military members.

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Brenda Ruppright

Welcome to the Freedom of Becoming! I am a CPA with 30+ years of experience and a Professional Pranic Healer. My goal is to create a space for busy professionals to restore their vitality, regain alignment and tap into endless inspiration. From this place, together we can navigate challenges, rediscover balance, and rekindle a life of joy. Join me on this healing journey to a deeper truth of who you are and what you are meant to accomplish!

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Cristabell Aguirre

Cristabell is a professional Pranic Healer and Energy Mentor. Her distinctive approach, charisma, and methodology have attracted individuals from around the globe seeking healing and guidance in the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and financial aspects of life. Elevate your life journey with Cristabell’s radiant energy and transformative guidance🤍

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Christian Long

Meet Christian Long, who has helped transform the lives of thousands of people using energy healing, meditation and practical spirituality since 2004. Even from his early 20’s, he was helping professionals rapidly increase their earnings and entrepreneurs cultivate inner peace through elite online programs, live meditations and 1on1 consultations. Learn more at

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Cristina Neves

“Cristina Neves, Pranic Psychotherapist certified by IIS and Basic Course Instructor in São Paulo – Brazil.
She has been dedicated to Pranic Healing since 2017. Specialized in curing physical and psychological illnesses, with thousands of treatments carried out with excellent results.”

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Cynthia Holland

Cynthia’s passion lies in empowering performing artists to cultivate confidence, serenity, and control, enabling them to forge a profound connection with their audience. By harnessing ancient healing techniques alongside contemporary practices, she works to pinpoint and resolve the underlying causes that hinder their performance potential. She specializes in remote Pranic Healing and works with clients worldwide.

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Faryl Moore

Faryl Moore is a Professional Pranic Healer and Energetic Empowerment Coach. Using a combination of Pranic Healing and Coaching she helps to ease the path for women to embody their authentic voice and fullest potential. Her work helps to access the deep energetic shifts necessary to improve and transform physical, emotional, and mental health exponentially. She specializes in elevating energetic resonance and frequency, so her clients can realize optimum wellness and holistic success.

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Gessica Gralhoz

Géssica is an Associate Certified Pranic Healer, instructor of Pranic Healing Courses levels 1, 2, 3 and founder of Gira Gente in São Paulo, Brazil, a magical place to recharge energies.. She led Pranic Healing volunteering in Brazil during the COVID-19 pandemic. After 15 years helping people to increase their lives, she specialized in Business Pranic Healing, giving support to companies to optimize processes and achieve growth.

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Jose Maria Campos Kohn

🌐 Welcome to #IAMAWAREME – Your path to conscious living and peak well-being! 🌟 Immerse yourself in transformative Pranic Healing, personalized life coaching, and cutting-edge biohacking. 🏋️‍♀️ Tailored for leaders, entrepreneurs, and seekers aged 25-40, join our global community for holistic growth. 🚀 Explore ancient wisdom, access fitness resources, and connect with like-minded souls. 💪🏽 Embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and fitness with us! 🌿 #ConsciousLiving #FitnessJourney #Biohacking #Empowerment 💻 Explore more on our web page [Link] 📚 and join the conversation on Facebook [Link]. Let’s elevate together! ✨

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Joyce Reyes

Joyce “Ayo” has Pranic healing in her DNA. Joyce is a retired corporate executive specializing in healing those in their Golden Years. With over 30 years of experience with business management, Joyce offers business spiritual consulting. She co-founded Sacred House Los Angeles. A mother and daughter team ,creating a powerful synergy of nurturing and shared passion for healing. Through their combined strengths and unique perspectives, they offer holistic healing services that cater to a diverse clientele. Joyce provides the foundation for the business. Adrienne’s understanding of current trends and technology plus her innate ability to sense new trends helps expand the business reach. Together, the mother-daughter team creates a harmonious balance of tradition and innovation. They collaborate on client consultations, healing sessions, pop-up events, fairs and community outreach programs. They both share the vision of promoting healing, empowerment and spiritual growth.. They inspire each other to strive for excellence and continually evolve as healers and entrepreneurs.

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Mo Lin Chong

MoLin, a compassionate certified life coach and proficient healer in Pranic Healing and Tuning Fork therapies since 2016. Specializing in transformative coaching for mid-age women, guiding towards abundance and fulfillment. MoLin also offers tuning fork workshops and tailored holistic healing, including services for special needs children, eye care, and ancestor healing.

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Natalie Rushton

Natalie is a certified Pranic Healer who has worked with clients internationally to help them alleviate the suffering of physical, mental and emotional ailments. She has always been interested in energy and when she discovered Pranic Healing and had the miraculous results of a family member no longer needing hearing aids and no longer having dyslexia she created her business in Melbourne, Australia at the gorgeous Calma Spa and Skin Clinic to share the benefits of Pranic healing with others. She had helped countless number of people by removing the symptoms of: drug addiction, suicidal tendencies, trauma, anxieties and also helped people achieve their beauty goals through body sculpting and face lift.

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Noilyn Mendoza

Noilyn Mendoza uniquely combines pranic healing, coaching, and business consulting to support heart-centered entrepreneurs and socially-driven organizations. Centering healing and energy management, her services foster sustainable growth, impactful leadership, and value-aligned success. Her offerings include executive coaching, organizational strategy, and group facilitation, aimed at nurturing holistic leadership.

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Norma Merla

Norma is Norma Merla, Chief Creator Officer at NMH Business Suite and DFW Pranic Healing Hub, empowers energy healers and entrepreneurs to transcend limits. With expertise in Business Management, Marketing, Web Development, and Accounting, she guides clients to manifest their visions. Norma’s compassionate coaching style and collaboration with professionals across fields make her a leading spiritual business coach.She is also involved in exciting projects like The Golden Toolkit PHAP by Master Glenn Mendoza and contributes to the Pranic Healing As A Profession marketing team

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Pedro Munoz

“A través de técnicas altamente efectivas de manejo de Energía “Sanción Pránica” Pedro Muñoz te ayuda a hacer de lo imposible, algo simple. Me ocupo de lo que a ti te preocupa, ayudándote a construir tu futuro, enseñándote a reencontrarte con tu propósito y ser feliz, construyendo la vida y el cuerpo que has esperado por tanto tiempo.
Sueña en grande!!!!
Tu mejor aventura comienza aquí. “

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Rafaela Morenti

Rafaela discovered and introduced Pranic Healing into her life in 2002. Nowadays she is a Basic Pranic Healing instructor and a Professional Pranic Healer mainly to those who are in a moment of transition and/or seeking support on the path to spirituality and self-knowledge. She is always participating in courses and retreats in different locations around the world with a focus on specializing more and more, evolving in her process, and bringing more lightness and happiness to her life and to the people around her, doing her best to make our world better.

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Rosa Velasco

“Rosa Helps you manifest your dreams in harmony with your life purpose.
Over the past 20 years, Rosa has worked with hundreds of people,
helping them build their dreams, accelerating results, creating a life full
of satisfaction, health and inner wealth. Rosa teaches Basic Pranic
Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy in South
Florida. She is a Certified Pranic Psychotherapist. She provides services in both English and Spanish. “

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Happy Maher

Happy helps leaders and teams to be at their best combining pranic healing, assessment, team coaching, and individual coaching. 

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Vannia Parma

Vannia Parma is a Postgraduate Professor, Certified Pranic Psychotherapist and founder of Soul Tuning Human Development. Vannia’s passion lies in helping people awaken their inner power and live a happier, prosperous and healthier life, through the unique combination of a wide range of specialties that include Pranic Healing, Positive Psychology, Transgenerational Healing, Business Consulting, Systemic Constellation, Emotional and Spiritual Counseling and Education, Meditation and Sound Healing. Offering customized healing services and personal or business solutions with a holistic integrative approach in multilingual options (PT, EN, FR, SP, IT), she has helped to improve and transform the lives of thousands of people and companies around the world. Whether working in one-on-one consultations, or in large groups, as a Pranic Healing Instructor or trainer of therapists in Energy Healing modalities, Vannia has been multiplying the knowledge of the ancient arts of energy healing with a modern look, to accelerate the results of transformation and healing in people, businesses and environments.

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